We're driven by the simple goal to harness the world's passion for professional sports to make our kids smarter.

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Sports Challenges

We've built the largest collection of educational sports challenges in the world.

With every new live game, at bat, pass, kick, or shot, content grows, and there's always new and compelling questions to answer!

Kids see their favorite teams, players, and learn more about the sports they love.

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Educators & Parents

We've collaborated with some of the best Core Curriculum writers and instructional design professionals in the business.

You can feel awesome letting your kids engage with our content.

It's hammering home the stuff they learn in school.

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Edutainment Platform

We power sports edutainment initiatives like eBooks, classroom quizzes, and mobile games.

We're building a line of applications to engage children and show what's possible.

Want to see what we're working on? Try out our first demo game built on our platform now!